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 thecandid8.com video recruitment service web application development with EmberJS and RoR –  a case study

Candid8 online video recruitment platform built with ember.js
Candid8 online video recruitment platform built with ember.js

When Islet Systems were approached by a New Zealand based company to build a cool looking responsive web app for video recruitment and shortlisting, we decided to give the modern front end javascript solutions a try and pick the one that suited our development style. After an intense couple of weeks with the likes of AngularJS, EmberJS etc, we finally picked EmberJS as the development of choice considering its Ember Data advantage over the other competing platforms.

We were initially a bit slow as the ramp up was a bit challenging than we had imagined. We were trying to get the best of all worlds, in one fell swoop, such as REST API service layer with Ruby On Rails (RoR), Full RWD HTML5 web app views with EmberJS development framework, OAuth authorisation and authentication, with emerging Ember Data as the data layer abstraction on the browser side.

employer - create job

Employer - create job
Employer – create job
shortlist candidate
shortlist candidates

Proud to be one of the very few EmberJS development houses in India, Kerala, building rich web applications.
– Aldrin Lenny, CTO

Needless to say, our team became extremely productive, once we got over the EmberJS nuances and implemented features one by one of thecandid8.com solution, sprint after sprint. At the end of release 1, we were happy that we used EmberJS to build ambitious web application as claimed in the emberjs.com web site, with a small team in India, Kerala.

Hopefully with upcoming Ruby On Rails version 5 and EmberJS 3.0, our productivity will go through the roof, building even more exciting SPA solutions for our clients. We are closely following all the other JavaScript frameworks and for the time being EmberJS is our go to framework to build single page web applications.

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